Welcome to the National Registry of Artistes and Cultural Workers. Your registration enables you to access the incentives provided in the Cultural Industries Develop Act. You will be required to complete this registration process only ONCE. You can of course request an update of your relevant information, e.g changed contact details, new accolades, as needed. You can save your information at any time, and continue at another time. There are eight (8) steps to take to complete the application. Be sure to save each page as you go along, and to submit your application when you have completed the final step.
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About The Service

The Barbados Registry of Artistes and Cultural Workers is a programme of the Government of Barbados. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth has lead responsibility. The Registry serves the purpose of facilitating access of artistes, cultural practitioners, cultural entrepreneurs and cultural workers to the benefits provided in the Cultural Industries Development Act.

The Registry also serves as a database of all participants in the Cultural Industries and will facilitate development of cultural industries, through continuous research and updated information.

The Registration and Certification processes will be facilitated by the Cultural Industries Development Authority (CIDA), an agency of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth.

‘Certification’ refers to the receipt of the certificate which identifies the artiste as bona fide. This certification allows the holder to access the benefits to cultural industries participants under the Cultural Industries Development Act.